Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Destroyer of romantic - Nippon no yuhi

Last thursday evening I spend this german holiday (Herrentag, Vatertag) with a long kept vision of mine on a hill near Berlin. Since nearly 3 years now I wanted to shot a sailormoon girl with a katana at sunsetlight. Don´t ask me why, but now with the help of the Model May-Li and the Skirt design of Nora Fritz , I was able to catch this vision in my camera.
The only thing that I didn´t aware of was that on this day, everybody got off and spend the day also on this hill. In the end we were surrounded by party people, some drunk, some just looking for quite romantic view over Berlin, and we trying to get some shots with sword and a G-36 rifle. It was a kind of bizarre to have this weapons next to a couple which looking for romantic peace and from the other side we heared some tecno-rap-hiphop-pop-music from a mobilephone of a group of party-teenies... well, no place for romantic in this world to shoot "Japan´s sunset"...

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