Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

SKATUTU - A Fashionfilm on Slow Motion

The last week I was producing a short film for the Berlin Fashion Filmfestival and had to organize serveral thing during a week. After the confirmation of my favourite camera rental shop Camelot Broadcast Services in Berlin of sponsoring the equipment, I sat down with Nora Fritz for the idea of getting her fashion into the film. 

No budget, that´s why we wasting money
 I also wanted to shoot it on slow motion that´s why I had to wait for the confirmation of Camelot, because without their help the whole project wouldn't come to life. The thing with the SloMo is that only certain cameras can do this in Full HD in these days. So we end up shooting with the RED One MX which was very kindly of Camelot to use the cinema camera for this project.
The story of the plot is easy. It´s about a skater girl is looking for something in her life and takes a journey thru the world and pass three phenomena which symbolise individual stations in life. In the end she finds what she´s looking for.  All was shot in SloMo in serveral places in Potsdam and an abandoned military training area in Brandenburg, Germany.
rarely moments of having the camera on shoulder

 Normally I would prefer smaller and lighter cameras to shoot sport action but as I said the 120 fps you can get only by special cameras like the RED cameras, ARRI Alexa or the Sony F35. Maybe in future I will have the opportunity to shoot with the C500 from Canon, but they haven´t released it yet.

In order of the heavy weight of the camera with all the stuff like Lenses, Mattebox, Follow Focus, Rods, Quickplate, LED Monitor, REDDrive, Cradle and Battery on it, it comes down to approx. 10 kg, it was obviously that it wouldn´t become a dynamic handcamera. We have lot of tripod shots ( a 10kg o´conner C2575 head with short stands or normal stands) and we improvised some kind of dolly shots with a trolley which was okay in order to shot SloMo. 

The SloMo effect on the RED One has also a little sideeffect on the lenses you have to choose, because the camera use the "lower" resolution of 2K instead of their normal resolution of 4K. So the camera doesn´t read out the whole sensor and it come to the well known crop-effect, which means the focal length of the lenses don´t match anymore. So if you want to shot with an 50mm lense on a 35mm frame like the DSLR Full format, on the RED with 2K  it become a 162mm lense impression. With this crop factor of 3.24, we mostly shot with the Zeiss Ultra 14mm which becomes in the end a 45mm lens.

After shooting I had 4 days for editing and compose the music for it and had deliver it on the 15th of June, which I did in time and now we waiting for the jury to the end of the month to tell us if we are in the ranking of the 10 films which will be shown at the Berlin Fashion Week 2012. Let´s keep the fingers crossed!

Nora and I would like to thank all involved tomake this project happen. Franzi for performing the Skatergirl and Alina for performing the three phenomena. Alexander Altmann for giving me hand on the camera and taking still photographies of the shoot and Josefin for giving me the inspiration for the end shot of the story. If you would  like to see more impressions check out my album on flickr here or have some german blog impressions on Alexanders Blog here. Also Franzi posted some stuff in tumbler here To watch the film, look down below or go to my Youtube Channel here.

Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

OFF FLOOR - That´s how Science should be

Two weeks ago I joint Mathias and Anne, booth scientist at the German Research Centre for Geoscience in Potsdam, on their mission to collect data down from a 40 meter heigh crane. That´s something a cameraman ever dreams of to be the " extreme cameraman from above!"