Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Dienstag, 8. November 2011

Experiments with medium format camera


this time it´s a little bit off the topic that relates normally to filmmaking or pro-shootings. This is about an experiment with an 35mm film roll, or better two rolls in a mag of the Mamiya RB67 medium format camera.

To start this little trail you have tot equip yourself with two 35mm Negativfilm (or slide film will also do), a 220 Mag of the Mamiya, two cartridge film spools, a scissor, sticky tape and something like a changing tent.

The reason of the 220 mag is important, because if you´re put the rolls into a 120 mag it could happen that the tracking i s irritated by the thickness of the film. Normaly the mediumformat rolls have the light-tight paper around it, but the negativ 35mm have not! So better try it with a 220 magazine.

First thing is practicing. If you have an old film practise the thread up to the spools. Be aware that the right side of the film has to face the optic... Otherwise you get a red shield effect, that could also look nice but you have to be aware of it. Otherwise you underexpose the film.

Cut the edges of the head of the film and fix it with sticky tape to the spools, so that it won´t loose itself from the spool while your shooting. The difference to the normal mediumformat film is enormous, it´s tight and by the transporting of the two stripes the films will othershift themself during the transport. Of course you can fix the whole stripes with tape on the backside, but it´s become more tight to transport it and it may crack the film. Besides this otherlapping film effect may look even cooler afterwards. After that roll the film to the spool, later in the tent you may have cloves to protect the film. After you reach the end of the film cut it from the container, stick it with tape together, cut the edges and stick it to the second cartridge spool. Then stick booth cartridge spools in the mag, arrange the film and be shure that the loaded spool rolled up propertly. than close the mag and you´re ready and you can start all over again...

After you find a good way to handle the thread up, try it blind in the changing ten, because you have to change the film without exposing it! If you managed it, the mag is prepared for shooting. I helped myself with a thick light-tight cloth (molton), take my 220 mag, two 35mm film, a scissor and the sticky tape underneath it and prepared as described above.

After shooting, you also take it out in the changing tent and put them into light-tight film canister. Inform your lab that in this canister is the naked film and they do the rest.

Afterwards you scan it like you scan the lomo filmstuff for example. There are several scanners which can scan the perforation, just google. I got an Canon8800 and I taped the film into my film guides for medium format and it worked quite well... well enough for this experiment.

And then match it together in photoshop and have fun!

Dienstag, 1. November 2011

CCCP Shooting with Michael Schulze

Last year I did my America Shooting, a political Pin Up Girl Photography and now it´s time to do it with the USSR. The whole idea was born by Michael Schulze who´s always been a helping hand to my projects and now I supported him in this shooting. We had an awesome location in an old steelfacility in Brandenburg, Germany and it was quite a work.
Micha was also shooting with an analog mediumformat camera and his results will turn up in a week and it will be posted in this blog as well. For that time being I help out with my shoots, that I´ve done there as well.