Montag, 5. August 2013

Lost in Iceland?

That you could think if my blog ends up so dramatically with a crashed fan belt, but no. We made it even back home in good condition and everybody survived. The last weeks were amazing and there was a lot to film and to fly over fantastic places.

Quadrinchen flies at Landmanalauger

Filming in Jokullsarlon

We got some interviews with the manager of the Museum for Islandic Sourcery and Witchcraft Siguður Atlason about Trolls and with the representative of the INCA (Island Nature Conservation Association) Árni Finnson about the downside of reneweable energy in Iceland.

Árni Finnson of Island Nature Conservation Association

Siguður Atlason of the Museum for Islandic Sourcery and Witchcraft

Unfortunatly we weren´t able to get somebody from the industry in front of our camera, so we have to look for another specialist of the geothermal energy topic here in europe now.

Geothermal Power Plant in Ieeland

So for now I start the editing on the norway project which is waiting and then we present the results of iceland footage. Meanwhile I can link you some impressions on flickr for photographies here and keep on reading my Blog. ;)