Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Bring back the 80ties... with a spiderweb

A few weeks ago I got an arrangement with a Rigger who annonced a shoting in Berlin with a Bondage-theme. I was interested and had some theatrical spider theme idea related to the aesthetics of floating humans, the idea of the surrender of male by the females... so it´s all come down to a very 80ties-look-and-feel und I thought in the end by doing all this stuff with lights and studio... why don´t you film it anyway and move the photographical project more to a videoclip... So here we are, doing Dollyshots with a fabulous high prof Rigger from Frankfurt/Main, experienced female model "Dee Solutio", brave male model "Garcia" and my "potsdam dreamfilmteam"...
 Panoramashot, No Retouch ©2011 by  Michael Schulze

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