Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Trolls - A Working Title for Iceland

As I said, june is very busy and we are off to Iceland to find some Trolls and the mystery of renewable energy. Three suitcases full of drone, tripod and chargers.

Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

Stoned to the Moment - A School Project

This June becomes a very busy month. On the 10th to the 14th of june I was working as supervising producer for a school project. The school gives their students the opportunity to work on a project with the theme "Challenges". Some Teenager wanted to make a movie. So I was invited by the teachers to help the students to plan the project and shot it on schedule.

Location: Humboldtbrücke - the Introducing Scene
In the end they got a satisfying result if you consider the circumstances. It was a film which contained guns and drugs and the plot was about two guys which fights the drug scene in town. These kids was very euphoria about guns and action and I discovered that the universe of 14 and 15 years old boys is all about ego shooters and american action movies. So they played a lot of "cowboy and indian" game with the airsoft guns during the shooting. But also they was very willing to shot this film and everybody in the group was about to motivate each other to get finish by the end of the day.

Location: Industry Area - The Showdown

The plan was to make them feel that filmmaking is hard work and it´s not about "we get it done in the post". It should be preparation and organisation. So the preparation was a quite tricky but the organisation was good. They got the equipment and I had to shorten the script from twenty pages down to nine. We shot it in three days and the edit was done by one student who got the editing software.

Airsoft guns - easily to get in the internet. But careful in public. Nobody can see the difference between airsoft and real guns in the distance. So if don´t want to pay for a SWAT operation please handle it in secure environment.

The premiere on monday was awesome. The audience, also teenager in that age, was very excited and the whole film was very funny for them. Especially the outtakes shows that these kids took it as a game to handle with weapons. They still don´t realize what it means to shot somebody. I think if you give these kids the opportunity to release the desire of combat and war in this kind of project it´s even better as if they are bottle up their feelings and bring it out in a bad way later on. On Location they worked as a team and being creative in directing the film but also in the pauses they took their toyweapons and hunt themself as playing game through the location. There it was, the kid and the adult in one body. This is a fascinating age.

I would like to shot a film with the same students in one or two years again, just to watch how they working out then a theme like "Challenges".

Supervising is fun!

Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Entonces y Ahora - Then and Now

Latest release from our new start up Outside Onsite Company. It´s an documentary short about people of the city Almeria, Spain. They take the whole range from young to old and from happy to poor. It´s quite interesting what people can tell you about their life on camera...

Hope you enjoy it and let´s say one more will follow the next months. One from Norway and one from Iceland. But more information come up soon.