Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012

End of the Years Results

So here we are on the egde of doomsday and the final revilation of John and I will just make a quick note about the last announcements on my youtube channel and current status. First I want to mention a book written by Alexander Altmann (Blog click here). It´s a german book so sorry for the foreign audience we have to exclude you. It´s about filming with DSLR and it´s quite detailed in the content of shooting with DSLR. Alexander wrote about preproduction, production and postproduction of his movie "The Green Fairy" ( Die Grüne Fee) which is still in the process of scoring. We still looking forward to see the clip in the internet soon. The reason why I mention this book is of course the little selffish motivation of being mentioned and quoted in some chapters of his book. My little advices and helping hand in his project, which you can find here, makes me little smile that I am now mentioned in a book, thank you alexander. ;) You can find it on Amazon by clicking the picture below.

The second thing I want to mention is the new perspective which I discover in the upcoming year. It´s about working with Remote Controled Multirotors to get some areal shots or even some crane-like shots from above. Together with Josefin Kuschela, the new years project will involve multirotors, underwater cameras and of course conventional cameras. So enjoy the teaser for next years project "Evolutraceurs"which includes parcour action and areal shots!