Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Hammer to Fall - Corronez and Ole Mikumi record a Queen Song

This week I was busy with an old friend of my in recording her voice for a demo CD. Normaly Corronez, that´s her artist name, doing in the middleage scene her perfomances and songs, but she´s also a great Queen Fan. So we record our special version of "Hammer to Fall" and I took the camera and made this little making of video. Normaly I use the sound setting for dubbing but it´s amazing what you can afford by using todays technology. 15 years ago I remember me sitting in the cellar with the band and we actually tape our self over and over until we got some of these noisy sounded tapes... Incredible what we can do today with just a mic and software. So here we are, I am introducing my third art, next to Film, Photography its the Music.