Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

Out of the Nexus

Almost a half year past by and I feel sorry to let my blog that much unattended as I have done. After returning from iceland I´ve shot some tiny projects for friends and in september it was a pleasure to work with the fine creative strategy agency from Berlin Greenkern on a brand transformation project for one of their costumers. So I was busy for three months in editing several clips for an ipad parcour application and shooting an imagefilm and an eventfilm. Unfortunatly these clips were for internal use only by greenkerns client so I can´t show any results by now.

Yap, it´s me with new haircut filming the event in Hannover

On other hand with Outside Onsite we filmed in Bonn for the DAAD (German Acadamic Exchange Service) to produce a little imagefilm which is in the final process of editing by now. Also in queue is the norway film and the Iceland project which will be necessary to spend on more time on concepting and financing the idea.

Shooting amazing norway nature impression ... and a blue plastik bucket

On the noncommercial perspective I was DoP for a shortfilm project of Sascha Weipert, a director from Berlin which is directing theater pieces in the Brotfabrik Theater. The shortfilm was about the unemployment system in germany and their traps of bureaucratical despotism. So far it is in the postproduction and by march it should be possible to see some results. I´ve shoot it on DSLR and old Canon FD Lenses, which allowed me to get an blurred surrealistic look with overexposed images.

The Team of "HATZ"(AT), Sound: Richard Lucchesi, DoP:Me, Actor: Vasco Esteves, Actress: Michaela Menda, Director: Sascha Weipert with Productiondog Wolke

Ah.. BTW I got a new haircut in september as you seen in the picture above. By now my hair is a littlebit longer and I´ve made a little timelapsclip of the growing. So at least it´s the only moving picture I can show you in this post.

That´s it so far. For the new year I hope to participate on some real exciting projects for commercials or fashionclips and more of narrative freaking costume style pictures. Let´s see what 2014 is all about!

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