Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

TYPO Berlin 2011 - Impression Clip and what´s next?

So, here it is, the traditional closing film for europes biggest design conference TYPO Berlin 2011. I am doing filming for the TYPO since 2002 and it´s alway an interesting challenge to find a new way to shot this conference... This time I was simply inspirated by the topic "shift" to do some work with tilt-shift lenses and continue the way of the up-and-coming way of "mini-toyland-look" that´s done by every agency and TV-Station by now... I would normally say that by now, these effect is overloaded and the people got fed with it, but the reaction was quite good so I was good with it..

But beside this 5 minutes clip I provide the TYPO with a video podcast which you can see on the TYPO Berlin Videoblog site if you like, just click on "shift".

In the next few month I spend time in inscenical photography work with bondage, sailormoon action and of course I sit in the edit for KOBN. Results will be showing on this blog... Let´s start the summer!

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