Dienstag, 7. September 2010

upcoming projects...

So,... What you do after a weekend on the sea?... You get ill... nasty thing. Until now I´m not recovered completly, but several projects announcing my attention. One of them is a new video created by my last cameraman of the Spieltrieb-Videos and involved fire-artistic-features of a fire-art-group from berlin. The other is an imagefilm for a B2B-agency that leads me for shooting in Sigeos, Spain. Then there is still my Photo-Angel-Project in which I wait for the right weather, blue sky is welcome for the Camiel-Motive. And... last but not least the second photographical motive for the Personal-Politcal-Pinup-Series "Nippon" for that is some preparation required as you can imagine in the pic aside.

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