Dienstag, 3. März 2015

SHTUM Project

The intervals of postings getting longer and longer and I´m very sorry for that. Since the last post I was involved in some projects which are not that exciting that they could me hold me from posting. But maybe it´s just a little shift in my life that change from actual shooting to more editing work. In the end the results havn´t any publishing rights or still not worth posting it.

To mention is the monthly videopodcast of Aquera´s MRGN Show, which is a monthly talk for mostly IT/Programmers people. It´s held in Berlin from 9-10 a.m. and it´s on twitter or you can find it here.

The other project was an no-budget shortfilm which starts very promising but unfortunatly got stucked in the lack of production failures. It was a dream-surrealistic story in which I was involved as cameraman and I was using slow-motion to the context of create a spheric and illusional reality. Here some pics of the shooting:

One of the sunniest days and a spontainous decision to go on a raft.

Hold on to the raft

Waves and stiletto shoes
Sony FS100 with Canon FD Lenses

cooling down... shooting was almost over...
Another day in paradise

In the end the shooting was quite funny, if you like to improvise on the same day with location and cast. I was expecting that these factors would be fixed by production begin, but unfortunately they weren´t. So in the end the director canceled the shooting and the project was put on hold until an unknown future. For me it was kind of disappointing to waste time for a lack of quality that couldn´t achieve any standard, not to mention a high standard,  in the first place by missing organisation. But these kind of experiences will happen if you are in no-budged film, and especially in Berlin it happens quite often.

After a few months I was able to take the Raw-Material and edit some kind of trailer out of it. I used some aged-film-filter on it and produced some filmburn-effects for transitions, which to be honest, was simple done by filming with an dslr without lens, torchlight and colored foils.

Upcoming Projects will be announced shortly, it´s about peoples restauration of an abandoned building to create a place for the community and my personal project which I will start to develop this year. Stay tuned.

Montag, 4. August 2014

HATZ Trailer released

Remember my post from the HATZ shooting? If not click here, if you do I can show you the trailer to that shooting that took place in November 2013.For me it was an experiment with FD-Lenses on a DSLR and the style of overexposure.  For marketing reasons the complete short will be shown on festivals only, that´s why just the trailer is in the net. So here it is:

Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

Today I can present a short Emo-doku clip that I shot for the strategic communication agency Greenkern in Berlin. I´ve mentioned Greenkern before, but was never able to show some results in due of the internal usage of the projects. So here are some kind of emotional eventclip of cake & bakery workshop of Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese.